Google Review Removals

Protect your company against false, misleading, and damaging online reviews.

Why Choose Malachite Media
for Google Review Removals?

Protect Your Reputation

We understand the critical impact that negative or false reviews can have on your business. Our specialized Google Review Removal service is designed to help you maintain a positive online presence, ensuring your reputation remains intact and your business continues to thrive.

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review removal key features

Guaranteed Protection

98% Success Rate for Removals

We boast an impressive 98% success rate in removing negative reviews, ensuring most unwanted reviews are effectively taken down.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all removals, giving you peace of mind that the reviews we remove will stay gone.

Pay Only When the Review is Removed

With our pay-for-results model, you only pay for the service once the negative review is successfully removed, ensuring you see the results before any cost is incurred.

Our Process

How it works

Our proven strategies and dedicated approach ensure a high success rate, giving you peace of mind and a cleaner online presence.


We assess the reviews you'd like to remove to ensure you'll get the best results possible.


Once identified, we begin the removal process and handle all the necessary documentation and communication to streamline the process.


We continuously monitor the status of your removal requests, providing you with regular updates until the review is successfully removed.

"Rob at Malachite Media is awesome. He has helped us out with our Insurance Business, helping us improve our Google presence and improve our marketing. Highly recommend!"
"It has been so easy to work with Robert Medina, always answers all my questions and did an excelente job on my website and logos he understood exactly what I was looking for, I am looking forward to keep working with malachite marketing, thank you so much Robert!!"
Teresa H
"Rob is amazing! I use him for all 4 of my businesses and recommend him to all of my friends"
Tyrell Crowell

review removal key features

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Typically, reviews are removed within 1-2 weeks but the timeframe can vary. We ask all of our clients to give us up to 90 days to remove a review.

We focus on removing reviews that can damage a business’ reputation including fake reviews, spam, offensive content, conflicts of interest, and more. 

The review doesn’t need to violate Google policy. Our team of experts can remove any review that is hurting your business.

In short, no! We are dedicated to helping legitimate businesses protect their online reputation. We do not work with businesses that are unethical or have a history of scamming people. Contact us to see if your business is a good fit for our services.

If we can’t remove the review you pay nothing.

If a review removed by us comes back, we’ll remove it again at no cost to you or refund your money if it cannot be removed.

We offer pricing for one removal as well as volume pricing. Contact us to customer quote and learn more.